Will Legendary Pokemon Show Up Again Depending On Weather?

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Legendary Pokemon were released during the most famous failure in the Pokemon community. While the event didn’t go as well as Niantic had hoped. Legendary Pokemon were still released to satisfy trainers around the world. With these mystical beasts showing up right after one goes away. How will the new weather system affect legendary raids?

We know that legendary Pokemon should reappear at some point. However, it’s not sure when. Surely, Niantic wouldn’t make legendary Pokemon available only one time throughout the game’s existence.

With the new weather system. It is possible during the weather bonuses, legendary raid bosses could reappear. For example, because rainy weather attracts more electric type Pokemon. It would be interesting to see electric type Pokemon showing up more as raid bosses. Zapdos, could then reappear, dominating the lower tiers.

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This is only a theory at the moment and only time will tell rather or not legendary Pokemon are also attracted to the different weather patterns. If they aren’t, however, this would be a great way for Niantic to reintroduce those Pokemon into the game. The time span of which those raids will show up is very limited. Meaning trainers could still get their hands on the mystical bird. However, they would need to get it during the right weather pattern.

There are still several trainers who haven’t gotten ahold of some of the legendary Pokemon. Also, with some recent changes to the game and new Pokemon coming. There will more than likely be returning trainers to the game to enjoy the new content for a short time before quitting again.

They more than likely wouldn’t have some of the legendary Pokemon. Giving them a chance of catching up with longtime playing trainers would make them feel welcome to the game. Instead of being punished for not sticking with the times and durations of certain events.

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