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Hey everyone! Dragon Ball Super Episode 119 just aired, and it was a fantastic episode, which covered a lot of stuff. Now, I’m going to be discussing the episode in detail, and as you can judge by the title, I’m going to be talking about Universe 4, and Universe 7 a lot. If you haven’t watched the episode already, I suggest that you do, because I will be spoiling you.

But, if you have watched it already, then let’s begin. Episode 119 of Dragon Ball Super was essentially for Universe 4. Sooner or later, Quitela needed to make his move. He, and his Universe had been hyped up for too long now, and now that Universe 7 was tired and vulnerable, he made his move, and played all his cards at once. However, his warriors didn’t succeed, even though he did put Universe 7 through a lot of trouble.

Universe 4’s specialty were the two bugs, Damom, and Gamisaras. It was hard to sense their ki, or even see them. That’s why they could just sit out the Tournament of Power just by staying quietly under a rock or something. But, thankfully, they did attack, and despite the fact that they were very weak, I could see that Universe 7 almost lost 3 members because of U4’s tactics today. Gohan was one of the characters who was almost eliminated.

Thanks to Piccolo, he survived. Otherwise, we’d have one less Saiyan in the Tournament of Power right now. Yet another Saiyan got nearly done in by them, and this time, it was Vegeta. We even saw him almost falling off the arena in the preview last week. I believe it also became a very popular internet meme.

But, thankfully, Vegeta didn’t fall off. He was able to grab the arena, and thus, he was saved. Android 17 was yet another character who was almost eliminated from the Tournament of Power. Now, we did see both androids facing trouble in the preview last week, but I think what most people thought was 18 was going to be the one who would have more trouble, since she has a broken ankle, and she just fought Ribrianne. But, no, it was 17 who got almost eliminated. Thanks to Goku, 17 was saved as well.

The only warrior that Universe 7 did lose was Piccolo, who fell off the stage accidentally, thanks to the Universe 4 bugs. At least they got one of Universe 7 members. But, in any case, the Universe 4 hype was extremely short-lived. All three of their warriors, Shantsa, Damom, and Gamisaras, were beaten in just one episode after they spent weeks hyping them up as something to look out for. I was expecting more from them, and they just disappointed me really. But, Universe 4 is gone now, and that leaves us with just 3 Universes remaining in the Tournament of Power.

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