Why I think there WILL be a Season 4 of HighSchool DxD!

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Hey guys! I’m brand new on here! I plan on writing articles about other things, not just HighSchool DxD, however, I noticed quite a lack in HighSchool DxD articles so I might be one of the only ones to do solo articles from time to time.

NOTE: This particular anime is NSFW!

This article is my opinions based SOLELY off the High School DxD anime and not the manga or light novels.

imageVery quickly, my story of how I got into this particular anime. I’m a huge Naruto fan. I started watching as a kid, but stopped for many years, and when I found BOTH Naruto and Naruto:Shippuden on Hulu, all I did was binge watch them for months! (FYI, it takes about 3-4 MONTHS to get through all 1000+ episodes! Not something I’d recommend, UNLESS your like me, trying to fall back in love with it!) Anyway, one of the recommendations that kept popping up was High School DxD. So I took a gamble and started to watch it. However, HULU did NOT have all the episodes. I went from S1E2 to S2E1 to S3E1. So I looked and got a subscription from www.funimation.com. (First was a 30-day, free trial, which I DO recommend to understand this one too. FYI, there are only 12-13 episodes per season and only 3 seasons, for those who have yet to watch it.) And after binge watching all three seasons for only a week, I fell in love with the story and characters of this anime! Hence why my pen name is the titular character. (BTW, it is pronounced E-SAY)


Now for my theory! (For those who haven’t watched it yet, this will contain spoilers, for those who have please enjoy and post in the comments, also if you have read the manga or light novels, PLEASE tell me if some of my theories are true! Unlike SOME people, I LIKE spoilers of some things! It gets me excited to see what’s coming.)

I believe there WILL be a Season 4!

image1. Kiba and Tsubaki

In the season 3 epidsodes where the entirety of Rias’s Household and 3 of Sona’s household fight against Loki there is a really quick moment between these two! Tsubaki heals Kiba with the Phoenix Tears. After a small exchange Kiba says (something like this), “Well if Ragnarock does come and we die, at least I’ll die fighting beside you.” And then Tsubaki blushes! Making me think that these two will get together! (If they do in the manga or light novels PLEASE tell me in the comments!) however, these two are hardly ever seen together in the rest of season 3, which is understandable given the other humongous battles that happen during the rest of season 3. Which makes me think, that there HAS to be a season 4!

image2. Issei and Vali

These two have the ultimate sacred gears! Dragon of Domination (Issei) and Vanishing Dragon (Vali)! (I know there are other names for Issei’s I just chose the one that sounded the coolest.) But they are RIVAL sacred gears, which means they HAVE to fight to the death one day! And it hasn’t (more or less) happened yet! That means there DEFINITELY has to be a season 4! If not to set up for season 5 and beyond to the point where the fight between the two can ACTUALLY take place! That will be an EPIC fight!


image3. Issei and Asia

For those who are new to High School DxD, Asia is pronounced (AH-SEE-AH), not like the continent of Asia.

Back to the matter at hand, Issei goes into a coma late into season 3, because he (sort of) over does it. I won’t go into EXACT details of how he got that way, BUT, suffice it to say, it’s because of Asia. Anyway, for those who don’t know, Asia is like a sister to Issei, and they promised each other that they would stay together forever. Something happens to Asia, and Issei’s grief takes over kicking him into Juggernaut drive (on accident). But after he comes out of it (due to Rias, more on that later), he’s awake for a little bit but then right as he’s saying, “Let’s go home!” He collapses and goes into the aforementioned coma, as well as his left arm remaining in dragon form (long story there). Asia then is the only one to bring Issei out of his coma, (she has a sacred gear known as Twilight Healing) which she does! And right after it. She kisses him, (as pictured above) and declares her love for him! However, right at that moment everyone else speaks up and become excited that Issei is awake! Well the rest of season 3, Issei and Asia have somewhat limited time together because you’re almost immediately thrown into Rias’s disappearance. I want to see where these two go! However!!!! I have a different couple within this anime that I ship, WHICH I will explain in the next point!


image4. Rias and Issei

The Last Episode, entitled “Any Time, For All Time!” Issei, FINALLY, declares HIS love for Rias! However, she’s still under a spell at the time and eventually Issei brings her out of it! Throughout the entire series, you could tell Rias was falling in love with him as well! (Actually, ALL the girls, Koneko, Xenovia, Asia, and Akeno, basically fall in love with Issei. If you didn’t know this is a funny harem ecchi anime.) In my opinion, it was because Rias was actually in love with him that she was able to bring him out of Juggernaut Drive! So, this is THE couple that I want to happen, but at the same time I want Issei to get his harem! Season 4 needs to have more about Issei and Rias! It feels unfinished!

image5. Rosweisse (pronounced ROSS-VICE-AH)

This will be my last one for this article. Rosweisse is a Valkerie. She was Odin’s personal guard, but got left behind twice. She becomes a teacher at Kuo Academy, and she also becomes the last Evil Piece, Rook, on Rias’s chessboard. (Devils’ rankings in this anime world are based off chess pieces.) Now that’s LITERALLY the LAST thing in the last Episode! Rosseweisse becomes a Devil! We have yet to see how a Valkerie Devil will do!

These ALONE, (even though there’s a lot more), should be enough to convince everyone! There WILL be a season 4!!! There HAS to be if only to continue where season 3 left off!! I will write another article about High School DxD eventually, but right now, I hope you guys enjoy!

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