What Pop-stars Look Like As Gym Leaders! This Is Amazing!

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Currently, in Pokemon GO, Ho-oh was released not too long ago and is ending on December 12th. In the midst of that, Niantic’s newest update causes problems again, for trainers using iSO11. Mostly with the connectivity issues of the Pokemon GO Plus device. The issues are being looked into. However, until then trainers must enjoy the rest of the event without their Pokemon GO pluses. Not every trainer uses these so to those who don’t may not understand how helpful those small devices are.

While Pokemon GO news is a little sparse due do Niantic working on Harry Potter GO. Oh, who’s kidding, Niantic never keeps us informed. Here are what Pop stars look like as gym leaders. At least in the eyes of this artist. Brex5 has a great talent for turning people into gym leaders.

Generation 3 Pokemon are thought to be coming to the game very soon. However, while fans await new updates for not only Pokemon GO but also Pokemon who could resisting checking out these insane images?

How cool would it be to have a Pokemon game based on his creations? Pokemon Pop, the game where gym leaders are well-known pop-stars of the time. While it would be cool and would probably be made by fans. Unfortunately, Nintendo will never put these amazingly done gym leaders into their official games. Nintendo could learn a lot from their fans with all these fanmade arts and games.


Ariana Grande






Lady Gaga

Katy Perry


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