HighSchool: DxD Season 4 Confirmed?

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Hey guys! Since my last article, I felt I should take it upon myself to write another one about HighSchool: DxD Season 4, since word has spread like fire around Facebook and Twitter that Season 4 is supposedly confirmed. IF you have already read my last article, then this topic might already be spoiled for you.

For those who don’t know, my first article here on seriesout.com/otaku-news/ was, “Why I think there WILL be a Season 4 of HighSchool DxD!” which you can read, here. Now, the reason I say “supposedly confirmed” is because there are many fake Twitter and Facebook accounts for different “characters” and “shows.” Several weeks ago, when I first heard about season 4 being confirmed, I was concerned because everyone was pointing to a SINGLE tweet. I had just received an email that following day saying they were still discussing it. A couple of weeks ago, the news had spread even more about the confirmation, causing me to get curious and concerned. So a couple of weeks ago, I sent an email DIRECTLY to Kadokawa Pictures, who is in charge of HighSchool: DxD. Unfortunately it was in English as I am unable to speak, write, or read Japanese. After waiting a couple of days, I realized that I needed to write the email in the Japanese Kanji. After reaching out to my fellow authors, one of them, S3DITION, said he could translate for me. I sent him the English email and he got to work on it with a friend of his (Shout out, again, to Leo Matsui), immediately after I received his translation of my email, I sent the email again, but this time in Kanji. After the long waiting period, I received word late on Thursday night, November 3, 2016, of which was in kanji so I had to wait for S3DITION to translate it. The translation will be revealed on the next page. (DUN-DUN-DUUUUUUUUUUN) *Suspenseful gasp.



Sorry, I had to add a bit of drama to this article, just to keep you all in suspense. I’m a dork that way. Anyway, the translated email is as follows:

“This is from Kadokawa customer support.

We thank you for always supporting our anime.

Apologies for having to reply so late.

The fourth season of ‘HighSchool DxD’ is scheduled to be aired. However, the specifics of its release is still unclear. When decided we will update our information on our official website, so please wait for a while.

From now and on we hope you will support our ‘HighSchool DxD’ franchise.

SO YES, HIGHSCHOOL: DxD SEASON 4 IS CONFIRMED!!!!!!!!! But what does that mean for the storyline and characters. We won’t know for sure until an official synopsis is released, but there has been speculation that we will see some of Issei’s kids. “Issei’s Kids?” you say. Yes, but all of that speculation was made WELL BEFORE (approximately 6 months to 1 year before) the official confirmation of Season 4. But in that speculation, it seems as if Issei’s kids time travel to get advice from Issei on how to beat Loki. I like the idea of meeting Issei’s kids from the future just to see who he does it with. (Of course, I already know that he’s going to do it with all the girls eventually, but I’m curious as to who shows up.) Also, I’m curious as to how well Rossweise connects with the team. I think that she will do great, now that she’s a devil, but we will just have to wait and see.

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