Could This Be Harry Potter Go’s Release Date?

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Not too long ago, the creators of the well known AR game even those who don’t play know what you are doing. Had released a little bit of information on their next AR game project, Harry Potter GO. While the name doesn’t quite hit the ear right, several wizards are anxious to try this game out.

At first, this game was a hox circling the internet that got the attention of millions of people. Now, it looks like the longtime dream is now a reality to become a wizard! Niantic mentioned the game would be released sometime in 2018. However, not much else has been talked about for the game.

While Niantic is notorious for keeping players left behind in updates and any kind of information. It isn’t certain over what the game will even be like. Other than the fact it’s a new augmented reality game. It is widely believed we will fight creatures rather than catching them and learn new spells as our journey’s progress.

Niantic has a few different games Ingress and Pokemon GO being their most well known. Both of which, at least for iOS users were released around the same times. Actually almost 2 years apart. If things work out well, Harry Potter Go could reach this mark in 2018.

Ingress was released for iOS users on July 14, 2014. It was released earlier for Andriod users but a lot of the wait for Apple users is because Apple is a bit more strict with Apps than Andriod is. Pokemon GO was officially released on July 6th of 2016. About a two years from Ingress.

The reason the games are being released at this time is part of a marketing strategy. July is a good time of year because the games main targets are teens and young adults which most are in school. July is at the time of year most schools are out. Letting these consumers enjoy their time off playing video games.

While the date isn’t certain, it is likely this recently mentioned game will be released sometime in July. It sounds like Niantic has been working on the game for a short period of time before releasing the information. Who knows, they could be working on several games and that’s the reason they aren’t very communicative?

Can you wait to finally fulfill your dream to become a wizard? Hopefully, this theory is decently accurate. Until then, be sure to like our page for latest news on the game and be prepared when it is released. We will keep you informed of all the latest news released from Niantic. Theories will also be talked about to keep the community lively.

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While we await more news from Niantic over Harry Potter GO. Let’s go over the list of possible creatures we will devour in the game. Much like Pokemon GO, there probably won’t be a whole lot of news to satisfy our needs.

While Harry Potter will be much different from Pokemon GO, we should still see “tiers” in the creatures we come across. But what creature will we be fighting in Harry Potter GO?There are several beasts, in Harry Potter, and we will more than likely be seeing most of them. However, to an average Harry Potter fan, they might not know all of the creatures.

Updated Egg Tier Chart
~Source- The Silph Road

Not to worry, though! Thankfully, fans of compiled a list of all the beasts in Harry Potter that we will be going over shortly! While some of these beasts may be bosses or much rare than others, a simple list of names will be gone over for now.

While more thinking and research will be done after this. We can, hopefully, provide an accurate list of creatures rarities and bosses that will more than likely be in the game. Though, please remember these will be theories until more information about the game is released. For now, enjoy and be sure to like our fast growing Harry Potter Go Page on Facebook!

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