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Episode 119 was decent, Universe 4 was erased in the same event due to the hard work of Universe 7 warriors, especially Piccolo and Android 17, though Piccolo was eliminated.

Team-work was great in episode 119, Goku and Android 17 had a great moment, Not often we see Piccolo and Android 18 interact. Animation and artwork have continued to be decent. Universe 11 and Universe 3 were shown which creates more depth to the tournament. Piccolo’s exit was okay; I’m glad it wasn’t him sacrificing for Gohan.

In episode 120 3 warriors fuse and Vegeta and Goku turn Super Saiyan Blue to fight them! Gohan also gets angered and fight that Robot Megazord.

Leaked image of 120:

Episode 120 “Perfect survival strategy! Deadly assassins of Universe 3!!” December 16th, 2017

In Episode 119 although Piccolo faces an accident and falls off the stage, Universe 7 warriors defeat the formidable invisible enemy, Gamisarasu and the bug-human, Damon, which ends in Universe 4 getting erased. Universe 3, 7 and 11 remains.
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Though because of Jiren the gray, of Universe 11 is the strongest opponent, Universe 3’s survival tactics of having the most fighters remain, and is successful. At last, it’s time for Universe 3 to make their move. Koitsukai and his teammates from universe 4 begin their attack on Son Goku.

Universe 3 warriors stand against Goku. The transforming merged warriors are engulfed in light when Goku and his teammates decide to attack back. Thanks to Gohan’s guidance, their barrier is broken with a Kamehameha, and the merged fighters are burnt to a crisp.

Episode 121 “All-out battle! Ultimate 4-way union vs. the whole Universe 7!!”

Paparoni announces, ”let me show you! The most excellent secret ability of Universe 3!? And then an extreme flash of light appears in the area. Goku, Gohan, and Vegeta use their arms to block the fierce light while Android 17 and Android 18 take cover. When they can see accurately again, they see a massive shape of Amiraaza appear.

Universe 3 fighters merge and go up against Goku, and his teammates as the battle for survival begins within the two universes and reaches its climax. But, it looks like universe three was still hiding something.

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