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This article restrains EVERYTHING You Need To Know About Royal Guard! They are also known as the Zero Squad. It is total of 5 members with immense strength and experience.


Ichibē Hyōsube

Title: Monk Who Calls the Real Name

Senjumaru Shutara

Title: Great Weave Guard

Ōetsu Nimaiya

Title: God of the Sword

Kirio Hikifune

Title: Ruler of Grain

Tenjirō Kirinji

Title: Hot Spring Demon


  • The Royal Guard is the organization responsible for the protection of the Soul King, The Royal Family, and the Soul King Palace and slaying menos class hollows.

  • Each member of the Royal Guard has had the power of the Ōken imparted onto their bones by the Soul King. Ōken is the key to allow passage to soul king Palace.


  • Each member of Royal Squad has his own title, authority over whole soul society and each gets his own city at Soul King Palace.
  • Like all GOTEI 13 divisions, zero squad has it’s own symbol that each member wears.

  • They mostly stay at the royal palace but when they need to travel, they use a huge pillar called Tenchūren for transportation.

  • The five members of the royal guard are stronger than the whole GOTEI 13. Ichibe Hyosube is the leader of this organization and also the strongest among them.
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