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Dragon Ball Super’s Episode 119 recently ended after revealing the two hidden warriors from Universe 4 and we finally got to see the abilities of Shantsa (The most Underrated warrior from the Tournament of Power)

Yep, In order to defeat Katopesla from Universe 3. We saw Vegeta using the fan-favorite attack, Final Flash. Katopesla was nowhere near Vegeta’s level. And what’s more? Vegeta’s finally gotten serious now! 

Everyone knew that Quitela was up to something when we saw him. I mean, Universe 4 isn’t called the Conspiracy Universe for no reason. He certainly looked calm enough, even when Jiren showed his tremendous powers.

That implied Quitela had a trump card up his sleeve, and that appears to be the case here. According to the spoilers, Universe 4 will wreak havoc in the next episode of Dragon Ball Super. They have just 3 warriors left, which are Shantsa, Damom, and Gamisaras. However, just those three have got tricks to put the entire Universe 7 through a lot of trouble really.

It was true that Gamisaras was about to eliminate Vegeta but it’s not as easy to eliminate Vegeta. At the end, Vegeta held the corner of the fighting arena in order to save himself from being dropped out.

Piccolo was eliminated in this episode, which was kind of unexpected as Piccolo fell for the Surprise attack of the Bug-like warrior, Damom. Which makes a total of 6 warriors in the fighting arena including- Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Frieza, Android 17 and 18.

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Next Episode will feature Universe 3’s fight with Universe 7.

Episode 120 “Perfect survival strategy! Deadly assassins of universe 3!!” 

Although Piccolo faces an accident and falls off the stage, Universe 7 warriors defeats the formidable invisible enemy, Gamisarasu and the bug-human, Damon, which results in Universe 4 getting erased. Universe 3,7 and 11 remains.

Piccolo eliminated!

Though because of Jiren, of Universe 11 is the toughest opponent, Universe 3’s survival strategy of having the most warriors remain, and is successful. At last, it’s time for Universe 3 to make their move. Koitsukai and his teammates from universe 4 begin their attack on Son Goku.

Universe 3 warriors stand against Goku. The transforming merged warriors are engulfed in a light when Goku and his teammates decide to fight back. Thanks to Gohan’s help, their barrier is broken with a Kamehameha, and the merged warriors are burnt to a crisp. It appeared like a complete victory, but…

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