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Hey guys. Dragon Ball Super Episode 119 is out, you can watch it if you want to. So, let’s focus on our topic, which is the possibility of another dimension. The whole thing is quite intriguing. So without further ado let’s begin. So in this episode, there was the erasure of another universe. Namely Universe 4.

The fights were rather disappointing. The spoilers told an entirely different story and the episode looked different. Universe 7 never looked like in trouble against the fighters of Universe 4 and in the end they triumphed. The only elimination from Universe 7 came in the form Piccolo and it was hilarious nonetheless.
Strangely in the episode, Trio De Dangers told Gohan and Piccolo that they had come to take revenge on Universe 7 from another dimension. They were under an illusion which was cast by Shantsa of Universe 4. However, it might be true that the erased universes were transferred to another dimension. As we know that Zeno held the whole tournament because there were too many universes, resurrecting the universes would mean going against his wishes.

To be honest though, I’m slightly leaning towards the Universes not being erased and thus being transferred to the other dimension. Let’s go over the whole situation properly. After the end of Tournament of Power, there may be possibly one or two surviving universes, and there will be two Zenos to look after, more like to destroy the two universes. So, what I believe is that the erased universes are being sent to another dimension where they will be looked after by the future Zeno. This seems more likely to happen rather than an impending mass slaughter of billions of people.

I don’t think it would be anything like killing of several millions of people because of the tournament. However, we can’t just rule out the possibility. So, when the Tournament of Power finally ends, we might come to know the entire fate of all the “erased universes.” Currently there are only three universes left in the tournament of Power.

These are Universe 3, Universe 7 and Universe 11. Universe 3 will soon be joining Universe 4 and the rest of the eliminated universes in the upcoming episodes. The Tournament of power is nearly at an end. Just a few more minutes left and only three universes remain. The stakes have never been higher.

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