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Hey guys. I have some good news for all the Gohan fans out there. In the recent episodes, Gohan has been getting some pretty decent screen time. In the last episode, Gohan and Piccolo came up against the two Namekians from Universe 6. The two Namekians put up a good fight for a few minutes, however, they couldn’t do anything against the duo of Piccolo and Gohan.

The Namekians were knocked out of the arena by Gohan who used the Kamehameha to end their hopes of survival.

Most of you might have already read the spoilers for the next few episodes. So, you will know what’s going to happen. Universe 4 loses their fight against Universe 7 and thus the universe ends up getting erased. Universe 7 also suffers the elimination of a character in process. The person who gets eliminated is Piccolo, who accidentally falls off from the arena and gets eliminated. Possible new stratagem by the creators to eliminate fighters? Who knows? Anyway moving on to the main thing, there has been a leaked preview image of Dragon Ball Super Episode 120, which shows Gohan taking matters into his hands. Here’s the photo—

Universe 3 attacks Universe 7 after the elimination of Universe 4. According to the spoilers, Gohan fights against the newly powered up enemy. Here is the scan—

Thanks to Ken Xyro and Yonko Prod for the amazing stuff.It is really good to see Gohan getting screen time and fighting against some ttop-levelcharacters. We know that as things stand there will possibly be only two Universes remaining after the end of episode 121. These would be Universe 11 and Universe 7. If no one else gets eliminated from Universe 7, then when the time is up, Universe 7 would be the winner. So, I think it is possible that a few more characters will be eliminated in order to spice up things.

In my opinion, Gohan might be one of the characters to get eliminated from the Tournament of Power with possibly Vegeta joining him soon. He’s up against Jiren in Dragon Ball Super episode 122. Even though fans would want Vegeta to wreak havoc on Jiren, we know that deep down it isn’t going to happen and Vegeta will end up becoming a stepping stone for his rival Son Gokū, which is a shame. Gokū might finally master Migatte no Gokui vs Jiren in his third attempt and thus end up surpassing the Gods of Destruction.

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