Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episodes 37-39!

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Hey everyone, it’s Perswayable and I am excited today because we finally received the translations for the December 2017 schedule of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. The previews will cover episodes 37-39; however, it should be noted there will be no Boruto Episode release on January 3, 2018. Some of the below translations have been touched up for better sentence structure and flow. One episode I am especially excited for is Episode 39 because it reveals the origin of Mitsuki (adapted from the manga).

Kakashi Episode 37 Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Academy Proctor

December 13, 2017| Episode 37: A Shinobi’s Resolve

Boruto was the first to challenge the graduation exam’s proctor, Kakashi, after first arriving to Kakashi’s location; however, Boruto is easily held down. Furthermore, Kakashi criticized not only Boruto himself but also all of Boruto’s classmates — leading Boruto to become extremely frustrated. Boruto’s classmates arrive and manage to free Boruto through a combined effort, therefore allowing him to escape from Kakashi. Boruto is uncharacteristically depressed, so his classmates do their best to restore his spirits. Finding himself again, Boruto proposes a strategy to everyone.

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Thoughts: This is expected to be the best out of the three aforementioned episodes. We will see the battle continue between the students, Konohamaru, Kakashi, and Anko. What’s interesting is, according to the translations, this is somehow going to all be wrapped up in a single episode. If this is the case, there needs to be a balance of action, creativity, and suspense because viewers have been waiting for this battle for a long time. It is imperative the battles do not feel rushed. Will we see the return of Kakashi’s One-Thousand Years of Death he brilliantly executed on Naruto during his younger days? We will find out!

Shikadai, Inojin, Chocho 3-man cell Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

December 20, 2017| Episode 38: Formation, Three Man Cells…?

Boruto and his friends are successful in becoming apprentice ninja, (known as) Genin, and achieve their first step. First, they must form basic three-man cells teams to fulfill their shinobi missions. Boruto expected to group up with his close friend Shikadai; however, Shikadai is forming a cell with Inojin and Chocho, following in their parents’ footsteps of the ‘Inoshikacho’ trio. Boruto then becomes grouped with Sarada and Mitsuki.

Thoughts: This is an exciting moment because we are going to finally discover the three-man teams (at least officially). We will most likely see Mitsuki/Boruto/Sarada, Shikadai/Inojin/Chocho, Iwabe/Denki/Metal Lee, Enko/Houki/Doshu, etc. This was a revolutionary moment in the original Naruto series; to this day, we still remember “Team 10” and “Team 7,” to name a few. And contrary to some peoples’ opinions, I am excited to see the Ino-Shika-Cho lineage continue.


December 27, 2017| Episode 39: The Path Illuminated by the Full Moon
Mitsuki was originally from another village, the Village of the Hidden Sound. But since meeting with Boruto and the others, Mitsuki has decided that he will now remain at the Village of the Hidden Leaf and become a ninja. In the past, Mitsuki has had his memory taken away from him, and had lost his identity, along with what he wants to achieve in life, only to awaken in an unfamiliar laboratory. The mystery that surrounds Mitsuki, and the plethora of thoughts that surround him, has now cleared up for him.

Thoughts: I am finally excited to see this come to life! For those who do not know, we have known about Mitsuki’s past because there is a one-shot manga titled, “The Path Illuminated by the Full Moon.” It shows you when Mitsuki was first created, by whom, and his brief journey which lead him to refer to Boruto as his “Sun.” All of this started from the one-shot manga and I am extremely excited to see these scenes adapt into the series. As another note, we most likely will see Mitsuki’s brother — Log — appear since he did so in the manga. I feel for many fans this will clear a lot of confusion about Mitsuki for those who did not read this manga piece.

Once again, there will be no episode released on January 3, 2018. We thank Spiraling Sphere for publishing the translations.

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