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Howdy Everyone, I’m here with another blog. I guess everyone here already watched Episode 119 of Dragon Ball Super and might already know what happened there. We saw Vegeta coming back in action in the very beginning after eliminating Katopesla. And, from now Vegeta’s gotten serious.

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Well, 1/3rd of the Tournament of Power is already over, and there are 3 Universes left. The one which was destroyed is no-doubt Quitela’s universe 4. After using everything Quitela had up his sleeves, Goku, and co. somehow managed to eliminate the three warriors that were on the stage for almost 36 minutes.

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Episode 119 of Dragon Ball Super covered one-minute time duration. We saw the come back of many eliminated warriors including the Universe 9’s Trio de Dangers. Trio de Dangers and co. tell Gohan and Piccolo they’ve returned from “another dimension” to get revenge. Is this some kind of illusion? Piccolo says this kind of thing won’t work on them though.

The Illusions that were used by Shantsa weren’ real but they had some mass. Maybe, it was Damom attacking as the Illusion with the help of Shantsa. Well, who knows?

The thing which was really disturbing in this episode is Piccolo getting eliminated so easily. I mean, I know most of the warriors are going to get eliminated but this doesn’t mean that you won’t get a heroic elimination like others.

Piccolo just got fooled with the so-called “fake Ki” of Damom and got eliminated. That was the worst elimination so far (personally).

Damom had an advantage of not getting hit because he is too small to get hit. They relied too much on being able to sense his ki and were thrown off by the size of his body. Now they have to be careful to beat him without accidentally killing him and getting disqualified.

But then Android 17 find out a way to eliminate him and it was, to capture Damon in a tiny force field and throws him out of bounds.

This is where Universe 4 gets out of warriors and even-if Quitela is against it. He still gets erased.

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