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With Shining Blue Fire

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Cima's blackmailing apparently works, as Anaheim asks Nina to be reassigned away from the Albion and out of the mobile suit development team altogether. Keith, who dates Mora, offers Kou movie tickets so he can ask Nina out after a field test. He does make a move, but a remark about the tests angers Nina again. Meanwhile, Kelley gets paid in gold bullion for his work on the Val Walo, but is shocked to hear that the Zeon forces do not want him piloting it for the new campaign. Incensed, Kelley takes out the mobile armor and challenges Kou to fight him so he could prove himself worthy of joining the Delaz Fleet again. When Nina gets in the way, Kou finally admits his feelings for her and defeats Kelley, who does not bail out from the exploding Val Walo because he never installed an escape system.
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